Wednesday, January 2, 2013


     It's been a long year of changes for our family.  Noah is in preschool every day and staying with an awesome sitter every morning.  Nathan is in 1st grade this year and is doing great!  As for me, I started working full time again in an elementary school.  I'm not teaching this year, but I am a paraprofessional in a Kindergarten classroom.  I LOVE IT!  I work with a fabulous teacher and I love our kids.  I'm not giving up on teaching.  I applied for a job for next year already, but this year has already been a great learning opportunity for me.
     We spent New Years Eve at Nanny's house in Oklahoma.  The boys adore their aunt.  They also got to play with their cousin, Ryan.  They pray for these 2 people specifically every night.  They mean so much to my boys and they get tons of love and spoiling in return.  We finally exchanged gifts. Nathan was sick over Christmas for 6 days so we stayed home.  I think it's the first time we've ever spent Christmas in our own house.  :o)  I hate that he was so sick but I loved waking up in our own house on Christmas morning. 
     Chris hit the floor at full steam this morning.  He's working like a crazy man!  He preached on Sunday, which was awesome!  Then we left for Oklahoma right after lunch.  He gets antsy that things won't be done in time if we're gone too long, so we'll see him at church tonight.  It should be fun!  He has some cool things planned for the kids tonight.  I can't wait to see Noah's craft for his class.  I'll tell more about that later, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.  
     I start back to work tomorrow and the boys go back next week.  I'm not ready for my early morning schedule but I'm ready to see my kiddos at school.  Gotta get these boys back on a schedule.  They've been sleeping in till around 7:30 or 8:00 every morning.  Their usually up around 6:30 for school.  The first couple of days may be rough!  
     I pray that your year is wonderful and filled with God.  I am thrilled that Lysa Terkeurst is speaking at Women of Faith in September.  I am reading her book, Unglued, and trying to make a better start to my year.  I am not making resolutions, but I am working on my attitude and the amount of time I spend with God every day.  I hope to make a big improvement this year on both.  I tend to stress of little things, especially with the boys.  Hopefully that will change with my studies.  God bless!

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